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Use the Power of AI to Turn Your Ideas into Viral Short Videos in Minutes: Instant Magic, Limitless Creativity!

From text to video real quick

Create automated shorts with a few clicks

Follow these simple steps to go from an idea to a beautiful video in minutes.

Generate or Paste Your Script
Use our AI script writer to generate a script, or paste your own. Start with just a title or an idea, and let the AI handle the rest.
Create AI-Generated Voiceover
Choose from our selection of high-quality AI voices to bring your script to life. Or upload your own clip.
Generate Scenes
Shorts Generator will craft scenes based on your script, then create images to match. Customize these to your liking.
Export Video
You're all set! Customize settings like fonts, positioning, and video styles, then export your video.

From Text to Video in Minutes

Experience the simplicity of transforming text into complete videos. Our AI does all the heavy lifting, seamlessly converting your written content into engaging videos, fully automated and incredibly fast.

  • Automated conversion from text to video
  • Rapid creation process, saving you time
  • Turn your ideas into captivating video content effortlessly

Lifelike AI Text-to-Speech

Bring your content to life with our range of beautiful, AI-generated voices. Perfect for narrations and voiceovers, these voices add a human touch to your videos, making them more engaging and relatable.

  • Wide selection of realistic AI voices
  • Ideal for voiceovers and narration
  • Enhance your videos with a human touch

Creative Customization and AI Imagery

Unleash your creativity with over 200 fonts for captions, AI-generated images tailored to your scenes, and a collection of transitions and effects. All these elements come together to create a visually stunning video.

  • Over 200 fonts for captivating captions
  • Scene-specific AI-generated images
  • Stylish transitions and effects for a professional touch

AI-Powered Script and Audio

Use our AI tools to craft compelling scripts and immersive audio effortlessly.

Dynamic Image Generation

Elevate your content with infinitely customizable AI-generated images.

Automated Video Production

Efficiently produce engaging videos from your ideas using our AI video crafting tool.

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